Workshop Service

  • Periodic Service

    Hudaya Maju Mandiri perform periodic maintenance to customers who provide service on a regular basis based on hours of operation and mileage units. Implementation of periodic service is preventive action, in the hope of life of the vehicle may take longer and be operational by pressing either the purpose of maintenance fee. Regular maintenance is more likely to tune up jobs such as: oil changes, filters, grease up and tuning the engine and chassis.

  • Light Repair

    Hudaya Maju Mandiri Light Repair to provide excellent service and provide the initial check of the technical problem as it occurs in brake and clutch systems. Scope of work mainly on Overhaul Repair Light Light on brake system, clutch system and electrical system.

  • Heavy Repair

    Hudaya Maju Mandiri Heavy Repair to support after-sales service, where customers can avail of these facilities if the customer does not carry out this work owned by the technician. So the customer does not have to feel it difficult for serious problems in the operation of vehicles. Scope of work Heavy Engine Overhaul and Repair is Over Chassis and modifications.

  • Componen Repair

    In accordance with customer needs in implementing the operational vehicle workshop Hudaya Maju Mandiri injection pump can provide care. The services provided at the Injection Pump are: customer service at the injection pump maintenance and repair include:

    • Injection Pump Calibration
    • Overhaul Injection Pump

    We are also ready to serve customers in support of road transport business carried out by preparing customer spare part assembly overhaul program include:

    • Engine Assembly
    • Differential Assembly
    • Transmission Assembly
    • Gear Box Steering