PRODUCT Model Dutro 110 HD
PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed (km/jam) 98
Grade Ability (tan Ø) 32,6
ENGINE Model W04D - TP
Type Diesel 4 stroke ; In-line ; Turbo Charger Intercooler
Maximum Power (PS/rpm) 110/2800
Maximum Torque (Kgm/rpm) 29.0/1800
Nos of Cylinder 4
Bore X Stroke (mm) 104 x 118
Piston Displacement (cc) 4009
CLUTCH Type Single Dry Plate
Disc Diameter 300
TRANSMISSION Type 5 speeds
Gear Ration -
1st 5.339
2nd 2.792
3rd 1.593
4th 1.000
5th 0.788
6th -
7th -
8th -
9th -
Reverse 5.339
STEERING Type Recirculating Ball Screw
Min. Turning Circle 6.700
AXLE Rear Reverse Elliot, I-Section Beam
Front Full floatingtype, single reduction, single speed by hypoid gear
Final Gear Ratio 6.167
Drive System 4 x 2
BRAKE Main Brake Vaccum Servo with Dual Circuit ; with Booster
Exhaust Brake With on Exhaust Pipe
Parking Brake Internal Expanding at Output Shaft
WHEEL & TIRE Wheel Disc Size 16 x 6.00GS - 127
Tire Size 7.50 - 16 - 14PR
Nos of Tire 7
ELLECTRIC Battery 12V-60Ah x 2
FUEL TANK Capacity 100
DIMENSION (mm) Wheel Base 3.380
Body Length -
Overall Length 6.026
Overall Width 1.945
Overall Height 2.165
Front Tread 1.455
Rear Tread 1.480
Front Overhang 1.066
Rear Overhang 1.470
SUSPENSIONS Front & Rear Rigid Axle with Semi Elliptic with Shock
CHASSIS WEIGHT (Kg) Front 1.394
Rear 880
Total Chassis Weight 2.275
GVWR 7.500
Box/Cargo o
Refrigerated Box o
Open Cargo o
Crane o
Towing Truck o
Sky Lift o
Liquid Tank o
Flat Bed o
Vehicle Carrier o
Chip Log o
Mixer o
High Blow Tank o
Arm Roll o
Fire Fighting o
Ambulance o
Compactor o
Trailer/T.Head -