PRODUCT Model Dutro 130 HD
PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed (km/jam) 103
Grade Ability (tan Ø) 39,6
Type Diesel 4 Stroke; Direct Injection; Turbo Charge Intercooler
Maximum Power (PS/rpm) 130/2700
Maximum Torque (Kgm/rpm) 37.0/1800
Nos of Cylinder 4
Bore X Stroke (mm) 104x 118
Piston Displacement (cc) 4.009
CLUTCH Type dry, hydraulic, 300 (without booster)
Disc Diameter 300
TRANSMISSION Type 5 speeds
Gear Ration -
1st 4.981
2nd 2.911
3rd 1.556
4th 1
5th 0.738
6th -
7th -
8th -
9th -
Reverse 4.625
STEERING Type Recirculating Ball Screw
Min. Turning Circle 6.7
AXLE Rear Reverse Elliot, I-Section Beam
Front Full-floating, single reduction, single speed by hypoid gearings
Final Gear Ratio 6.833
Drive System Rear 4x2
BRAKE Main Brake Vacum with diaphragm booster
Exhaust Brake With on exhaust pipe
Parking Brake Internal Expanding tipe pada transmisi output
WHEEL & TIRE Wheel Disc Size 16 x 6.00GS-127
Tire Size 7.50-16-14PR
Nos of Tire 6
ELLECTRIC Battery 12V-60Ah x2
FUEL TANK Capacity 100
DIMENSION (mm) Wheel Base 3380
Body Length 4235
Overall Length 6026
Overall Width 1945
Overall Height 2165
Front Tread 1455
Rear Tread 1480
Front Overhang 1066
Rear Overhang 1470
SUSPENSIONS Front & Rear Rigid axle and semi-elliptical alloy steel leaf spring
CHASSIS WEIGHT (Kg) Front 1419
Rear 936
Total Chassis Weight 2355
GVWR 8250
Box/Cargo O
Refrigerated Box O
Open Cargo O
Crane O
Towing Truck O
Sky Lift O
Liquid Tank O
Flat Bed O
Vehicle Carrier O
Chip Log O
Mixer O
High Blow Tank O
Arm Roll O
Fire Fighting O
Ambulance O
Compactor O
Trailer/T.Head -