Warranty is an important part in providing reassurance to customers about the quality of the product is sold on the market. In providing quality assurance products sold there must be guarantees that the customer make sure the use or operation of the vehicle. Likewise, HINO product is also not free from the provision of quality assurance to customers with credit warranty (guarantee) whose validity period has been determined using the basic operating hours or mileage of the vehicle operational.

For all models sold units HINO get Warranty Service Free of Charge which includes > Warranty Service on 1000 km which I check vehicles > Warranty Service II at the 5000 km check and oil change unit in charge of Charge.

Hino has several variants and category so that the warranty can be distinguished here:

  • Warranty Hino 300 Series (DUTRO)
  • Warranty Hino 500 Series (Ranger)
  • Warranty Hino Bus

Warranty Service (Free Service)

Item 1000 KM 5000 KM
Labor Service Gratis Service Gratis
Engine Oil Tidak Perlu Diganti Service Gratis
Transmission Oil Beban Customer  
Differential Oil Beban Customer